Attention : – 2018 Vic Time Attack Esteemed Media group,

As the 2018 VTA event nears [this Friday 6th April 2018], please note the below event day running sheet for your review [bold sections are mostly for you to note]

Main things for you all :-

1.High Visibility Vests – MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES – please ensure you bring yours with you.

  1. Media Briefing –8:15am– Please attend this will cover safety – this is the most important thing for our event.
  2. Please review/familiarise yourselves with the ‘rules of the garage for media’  that can be found at
  3. Enter via Gate 7 from7:15am
  4. Sign on that you have read disclaimer and receive your passes/ lanyard from the Registration office located below the timing tower from7:30am to 9am.
  5. Have the best time!  Share your photos throughout the event  –  tag Vic Time Attack     #victimeattack
  6. Don’t forget there’s a dinner for all at Isola Di Capri in Cowes from7:30 pmif you’d like to come along, respond to the FB page on Vic Time Attack, or just rock up.
  7. If you’re not sure of anything please ask one of the staff, we are here to help.

Thanks heaps for your support this year!

Vpsec Performance 2018 Vic Time Attack – EVENT Day Running Sheet


6.30 AM VTA Event team on site – set up 12:45 PM Street Group 2
7:15 AM Gates Open – ENTRY FOR MEDIA IS GATE 7  13:00 PM Unlimited Group
7:30 AM Event REGISTRATION OPEN including MEDIA office under tower 13:15 PM Modified Group 1
7:15 AM Scrutineering commenced in garages 13:30 PM Modified Group 2
7:30 AM All Officials, recovery & medical on-site 13:45 PM Street Group 1
8:15  AM Officials briefing incl. media 14:00 PM Street Group 2
8:40 AM COMPULSORY  Drivers Briefing 14:15 PM Unlimited Group
8:50 AM All flaggies on-track, recovery and medical at ready 14:30 PM Modified Group 1
9:00 AM DRIVER – REGISTRATION CLOSES 14:45 PM Modified Group 2
9:05 AM Sighting lap and on track photo with cars, exit track via turn 4. 15:00 PM Street Group 1
9:15 AM Street Group 1 15:15 PM Street Group 2
9:30 AM Street Group 2 15:30 PM Unlimited Group
9:45 AM Unlimited Group 15:45 PM Modified Group 1
10:00AM Modified Group 1 16:00 PM Modified Group 2
10:15AM Modified Group 2 16:15 PM Street Group 1 ** these may be combined
10:30AM Street Group 1 16:25 PM Street Group 2 ** these may be combined
10:45AM Street Group 2 16:32 PM Unlimited Group * these may be combined
11:00AM Unlimited Group 16:49 PM Modified Group 1* these may be combined
11:15AM Modified Group 1 16:56 PM Modified Group 2* these may be combined
11:30AM Modified Group 2 17:00 PM All Track activity concluded
11:45AM-12:00pm Sponsor Passenger Laps (MSPRA) 17:20 PM Trophy Presentation – opposite canteen
12:00pm-12.20pm PUBLIC Walk around in the Pits – cars pushed out into PIT LANE – great photo opportunities  17:45 PM Trophy Presentation concluded, final sponsor announcements, close and thank you statement
12:30PM Street Group 1 18:15pm Vacate Track

See you at the track!