Chequered Tuning R33

//Chequered Tuning R33

Chequered Tuning R33

Standing on the top step of the 2016 Harrop Street Class was Richo aka Mr. Oversteer. The R33 chassis is much un-loved in Time Attack scene globally, with the 32 and 34 chassis appearing more times than not. Adding to the rarity is this version is a GTS-T and rear wheel drive, not the AWD Godzilla that many are used to.

VTA 2016 Street Class winners podium

The Mr. Oversteer banner was born at World Time Attack in 2014 by the commentary team, with Richo seen in the shootout pushing hard, sliding the car around the track.


2016 saw Richo concentrate efforts on steering the up and coming Topstage S14, while the 33 was left to sit idle in the garage gathering dust.


The 33 has undergone a freshen up for the return title assault on Topstage Vic Time Attack 2017 and the VSPEC Performance Street Class title. With the aged sub-frame bushes being replaced with solid items and oil and water cooling enhancements.


With the car very much untouched since 2015 and running the a set of AD08R tyres from 2015 Richo has is work cutout for him.


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