Lone Wolf Racing S2000

//Lone Wolf Racing S2000

Lone Wolf Racing S2000

Andrew’s quest for the top step on the time attack podium in the 2017 VSPEC Performance Street Class is born out of passion, blood, sweet and four letter words.

In Street Class style, Andrew has been hands on all the way through the cars development. To the point of building fender flares in the garage.


After a bit of bbq engine bay in 2015, Andrew went about giving the FC20 a freshen up and a birthday. Choosing to utilise the engine dyno to get everything right before going back into the car.


The S2000 is argued to be the most capable Street Class RWD chassis. The Honda factory choose to fit the 2L Naturally Aspirated engine rearward of the front axle centre line, resulting almost unrivaled handling characteristics. With a stout wheelbase, allowing the car to rotate and a relatively light factory weight the S2000 package was born for Street Class.


That’s not to say the S2000 chassis is easier to make speed from. The essentials are still required:

  • reliability
  • suspension setup
  • brake balance
  • power and tuning
  • aero balance
  • driver


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