Topstage S14

//Topstage S14

Topstage S14

Freddy needs no introduction, the main man behind Topstage and the aero behind some of the fastest time attack cars in the country.

This S14 story starts with romance, this very car was Freddy’s daily when he was in Uni. It’s been a test mule over the years, with differing body panels and aero mods.

2015 saw the S14 return to the track, just to see if the passion for building a modified class car was there. It was and some of the V3 aero parts made it onto the car for the 2016 Vic Time Attack event.

With Richo driving the S14 finished 4th in Vic Time Attack 2016.


A development leap was made for World Time Attack with a full complement of Hardrace Suspension arms, MCA coilovers, Hypergear SS3SAT turbo, 6 Boost manifold and a full Topstage V3 aero package update.


With limited testing the S14 finished 12th at World Time Attack and collected valuable data for 2017.


With a list of modification on the board it’s only a matter of time and money before the Topstage S14 is fighting for the front of the Time Attack pack.


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